Oxytocin & Lockdown 2.0

This month’s theme is Oxytocin, the “Love Hormone”, and how to get that good feeling! No this is not a “how to get your sexy back” guide, this is how WHC practitioners and staff alike, are injecting a healthy dose of happy hormones into our Lockdown 2.0 to help with our mental, emotional and spiritual state.

Here’s what we do in my house – which consists of 2 adults and 2 kids under 6.

Friday nights are Fajita nights – in which we make a big fun food mess with guacamole being found in some very surprising places come Saturday morning.

Sunday afternoons at 3pm the Sunday Disco Party begins. Couches are pushed back to create a dancefloor and we put on tunes, as loud as possible, and boogie! Favourite themes are Motown, Hip Hop, BTS, 70s, 80s, & EuroPop! A great way to start and end a week.

Jennifer Cook – Director

Fear is a common experience during a pandemic.

Fear is a primary emotion processed in the amygdala, a part of the brain that detects threats.

With the second lockdown firmly in place it has been an active process of increasing my oxytocin as often as possible. Oxytocin for me is best felt when I slow down and really experience the moment, especially the moments I’m with, even if that’s virtually, the people I love. The other thing that I do each and every day is walk my dog. I love watching him run around the dog park. His face is pure joy and it’s contagious.

Belinda Gibson – Psychologist

Nature and Movement

To support my family’s levels of oxytocin, I like to go for many long walks (sometimes for hours) and kick a ball with my two daughters. We try to find streets with lovely trees, pretty flowers and lots of new things to look at and explore.

Iwao Shimizu – Myotherapist

Introducing Alice

I am a lifelong West Footscray Local, in my early twenties, a full-time student and have been a part of Western Health Collective for two years. The second COVID-19 lockdown has been challenging both personally and professionally. I keep my spirits high by making time to relax and laugh, I watch a lot of comedy television and get lost in painting.

I also prioritise maintaining perspective and practicing gratitude for the many freedoms I do have, despite lockdown.

Alice Lamont – Receptionist


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