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    The Westsider: June, 2024

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    Editor’s note – June 2024

    Is there a difference between journalism and storytelling and does it really matter?

    Your Voice – June 2024

    This month's letters: 'Dangerous bike route claims another victim' and 'No more black roofs'

    Anniversaries, centenaries, train stations and mulch-gate

    Council updates for Melbourne's west: Anniversaries, centenaries, train stations and mulch-gate chambers to be voted on. 

    Does living in the western suburbs increase your chances of developing Alzheimer’s disease?

    For many years Westies have been concerned about the adverse health effects of living in a heavily air polluted area. Increased exposure to toxic ultrafine particles chugging out of the diesel trucks that frequent the western suburbs leads to strokes, bladder cancer, type two diabetes, asthma, coronary heart disease, and more. Now, there are increasing studies connecting air pollution and Alzheimer’s disease.

    A small win for Better Buses, but still a long way to go

    Over the past couple of years, the Better Buses for the West campaign has been working closely with communities with no public transport in Melbourne's outer west.

    Green Guerillas transforming the western suburbs with seeds of hope

    Melbourne’s western suburbs have significant room for improvement when it comes to planting more vegetation.

    Werribee River home to Australia’s most unique platypus colony – but for how much longer?

    Unfortunately, while the platypuses of Werribee are 'moderately healthy', their already low numbers are declining, and the colony needs protection to survive.

    Newport Quarries –A lesson in how to lose friends and annoy people

    The history of the former Newport Quarries provides a key lesson about the importance of involving community in planning developments to ensure they feel a sense of agency in decision making processes.

    “Australia’s ability to influence the future climate is virtually zero” So what do we do?

    Hamilton and Wilkenfeld pull no punches in this (very readable) discussion of the current and future state of climate change in Australia and, more importantly, our attitude to it and the actions we need to take NOW in the face of it.

    Transition your home from fossil fuels, now

    There are few individuals who can say they have been invited into over 1000 homes – and left each one better than they found it but Tim Forcey is one. As an energy efficiency consultant, Tim has assessed homes across Melbourne for almost two decades. He leaves owners equipped with strategies to improve the health and comfort of their home while also reducing its running costs and environmental footprint.

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