Tired of the same five songs on the radio?

    Tired of the same five songs on the radio? A little bored of your playlist lately? Want some new noise in your ear? Well, look no further!

    The Australian Grand Prix:A thrilling race down under

    The Australian Grand Prix, held in Melbourne, is one of the most highly anticipated events on the Formula 1 calendar with this year being no exception. 

    AI: pain or gain? Evaluating the impact of artificial intelligence in studying

    By Ksenia Kurenysheva In the quickly developing world of Artificial Intelligence, even a positive effect can be considered a byte-sized problem…All jokes aside, AI is...

    If I could change the world

    If I could change the world, it’s guaranteed that everyone’s voice will be heard. Over the hustle and bustle I’ll guide the meek, as we’re all unique, that’s what I aspire for others to seek.

    Building bridges:How teenagers can start networking

    In today’s rapidly evolving world, networking is the tool of the successful. It’s from networking that business professionals gain key connections, forge partnerships and exchange relevant ideas, all of which help expand their own business potential.

    My dog’s evolving into a cow

    My dog’s evolving into a cow and I don’t know what to do.

    The Festival of Chariots AKA Rath Yatra

    Hare Krishna Melbourne was back again this year with the annual Festival of Chariots (RathYatra).

    Taylor Swift: The Eras Tour

    It wasn't just a fantasy anymore - I could finally say the words. I was going to see Taylor Swift.

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