Bear vs man: Which would you choose?


    By Keerat Sidhu

    In recent weeks, a viral TikTok trend has taken the internet by storm, sparking a heated debate on social media platforms. The trend involves a man asking women in America a seemingly simple yet thought-provoking question: ‘Would you rather be stuck in the woods with a bear or a man?’ To the surprise of many, the women overwhelmingly chose the bear over the man, igniting a fiery discussion on gender perceptions and safety in the wilderness. Many men were visibly hurt by this response.

    The debate on TikTok unfolded with men expressing incredulity at the notion of being perceived as more threatening than a wild bear. Many voiced their disbelief, deeming the preference for a bear as beyond unreasonable. On the other hand, women responded with a resounding defence, citing statistics and personal anecdotes to justify their choice.

    One of the common arguments made by men centred around the idea that ‘y’all haven’t watched enough nature documentaries if you think men are scarier than bears.’ However, *women countered this by presenting compelling statistics. In the US, there are only about six fatal bear attacks per year, despite millions of people spending time in the woods for various recreational activities such as hiking. Furthermore, it was emphasised that these attacks often occur when a bear is provoked, rather than during passive encounters in their natural habitat.

    The argument put forth by women suggests that, for the most part, leaving bears alone and minding one’s own business generally results in peaceful coexistence. In contrast, concerns were raised regarding the unpredictability and potential dangers associated with human encounters, especially in isolated wilderness settings. Men are going crazy because they don’t understand. Why? Because men are assuming the bear will attack the woman, even though statistically bears won’t attack. Women are assuming the men will attack because statistically they do attack. And if a man attacks us, he’s not just going to eat us as a predator, he’s going to be a man.

    Personally, I’m taking the bear any day. I can predict what the bear will do. So, what would you do? Bear or Man? 

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