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    Dear Westie – July 2024

    Several times a week, someone let’s their dog drop a deuce on the nature strip outside my house. I never see them, nor do I see the doo doo, until I step in it – and I always step in it! My shoes are ruined, I get doo doo on my rug. I’m at the end of my tether! How do I get these people to scoop their poop?

    Your Voice – July 2024

    This month's letters: 'Dangerous bike route claims another victim' and 'No more black roofs'

    Forever chemicals pollute the west’s tap water. What can you do about it?

    Since the 1940s, over 4700 poly and perfluoroalkyl substances (PFAS) have been produced, for widespread use in the manufacturing of surfactants, dispersants, lubricants, non-stick cookware, fire suppressants, and aviation hydraulic fluid. 

    Westies inspired by ecologist’s call to save the remains of Victoria’s native forests

    In Naarm/Melbourne, we don’t need to imagine real forests: they’re on our doorstep. Our love of everything tall and leafy brought a hundred or so of us together on a mild Wednesday evening in Footscray, to hear from celebrity scientist David Lindenmayer in conversation with fellow author, Kate Mildenhall.

    A history of Braybrook’s social housing offers lessons for today’s housing crisis

    The shortage of social housing has reemerged as a critical issue and many of our local councils are developing policies in an attempt to address the crisis. What better time then to explore how authorities dealt with this problem in decades past in order to avoid more of the same mistakes.