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    David Porter more than just a supporter

    We would like to thank you for your article in the Westsider May Issue #95 titled ‘Up yours Oakley’: the fight for a club in a battle about much more than footy, which we both enjoyed reading. 

    You published a photo of ‘Supporter David Porter’, but David went beyond being a supporter.

    David’s entire life was centred around the Footscray football club. He went to well over 500 matches – 499 of them consecutively. He missed the 500th consecutive game because of a broken foot.

    As soon as he heard the news that there would no longer be a Footscray football club, he was on the phone straight away to see what he could do, then he drove himself down to the club. David and Garry Munn were joint presidents of the cheer squad. They were able to get help with raising money from other clubs’ cheer squads. David and the cheer squad camped overnight in protest, at AFL House.

    He physically did the tin shakes and door knocking. There were boxes and boxes of chocolates delivered to his home to be sold to raise money for the cause.

    David himself arranged interviews with the media and they did the same with him. His portrait was put on poles. He was proud they chose him to be the face of Footscray. The ‘fight back’ was not all about David but he had a huge part in it. David would help anyone. He would drive supporters to and from home games and training nights. He was there to make sure they got home safe.

    David with his friend Tracey created a Facebook page that gave a minute by minute update of the matches Footscray played. At present there are over 5000 in the group.

    David’s contribution will be featured in a documentary about the fightback, being directed by his cousin Stewart. 

    Pauline and Denis Brain

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