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    Why would anyone listen to ASMR?

    You have most likely encountered this phenomenon of ASMR or more specifically ‘autonomous sensory meridian response’. It is the term used to describe a tingling sensation that people experience in the head or spine when listening to certain stimulating sounds. ASMR originated back in 2007 through an online forum of people sharing their experiences with sound, with Jennifer Allen popularizing the term later on YouTube in 2010. Nowadays, ASMR has emerged as a valuable tool for popularity itself, with celebrities such as Cardi B. and Chris Hemsworth delving into ASMR to use it as a promotional tool, enhance their brand image, and foster a deeper relationship with their audience. 

    Bear vs man: Which would you choose?

    In recent weeks, a viral TikTok trend has taken the internet by storm, sparking a heated debate on social media platforms. The trend involves a man asking women in America a seemingly simple yet thought-provoking question: 'Would you rather be stuck in the woods with a bear or a man?' To the surprise of many, the women overwhelmingly chose the bear over the man, igniting a fiery discussion on gender perceptions and safety in the wilderness.

    Mapping our backyard orchards in the western suburbs

    Who doesn’t love something for free? And with all the talk about a cost of living crisis and the need for us all to 'tighten our belts' we are all looking for ways to economise. So have you realised how much free food there is in your neighbourhood? Literally hiding in plain sight.

    Wyndham Women’s recipe of the month

    Wyndham Women’s recipe of the month is Sri Lankan dish Pittu

    Rainbow beetroot and goat cheese salad

    The majority of the food I cook is beige. Pasta, potatoes and bread. Beige, beige and more beige. This salad, on that other hand, is anything but. It’s a kaleidoscope of colour and the perfect balance of sweet, tangy, crunchy and rich — a great accompaniment to the beige sea I often serve up.