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    By Kwai Lau (Bobo)

    I am Kwai Lau, known by most people as Bobo. I am a Hong Kong Chinese. It has been 17 years since I immigrated to Australia from Hong Kong with my husband and two sons. We have lived in Wyndham ever since. We enjoy the vibrant community and friendly neighbourhood. 

    In my spare time, I attend English and cooking classes, and recently have also been attending some craft classes at a local Community Centre. 

    I joined the Wyndham Women’s Support Group in 2017. At our weekly meeting we all get an opportunity to share our story, whether it is happy or sad. Everyone supports, encourages and respects each other there. I am happy to have met and made many friends of different cultures and races in this group over the years. We are just like a big multicultural family. 

    And if you’d like more information about the group please email

    Veggie Fried Rice

    Rice is the main food of the Chinese and it can be cooked as steamed rice, porridge, or even made into a dessert. Usually, family or friends’ gatherings will have a large dish of fried rice. 

    I like fried rice because it can be cooked with various ingredients – sometimes it’s seafood, or sometimes it’s simply mixed vegetables. 

    When I was a child, if I didn’t want to eat, my mother used egg, green onion and ham to make Special Fried Rice for me. For me, it was a dish that was full of love. Every family can have their own different style of fried rice, whether they are rich or ordinary people, sharing rice together means sharing happiness and love. This recipe originated in Hong Kong.


    3 small bowls cooked rice
    2 eggs
    ½ a bowl chopped onions
    2 small pieces dry tofu, chopped
    ½ a bowl of mixed veggies – corn, peas, red pepper/s
    Cooking oil
    Veggie powder (Vegeta)
    Soy sauce


    1. Heat the oil and cook the onion, tofu, corn, peas, and red pepper until soft. Set them aside in a bowl.
    2. Heat the oil and fry the eggs until half-cooked. 
    3. Add the rice to the eggs and stir-fry for a few minutes. Then add the veggies and mix well.
    4. Season with salt, veggie powder and soy sauce. Mix well.

      It is now done.
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