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    People power restoring the ecosystems of Melbourne’s precious western waterways

    Coming across Melbourne’s western plains for the first time, the early pastoralists would have been salivating. Gently undulating, sparsely timbered grasslands as far as the eye can see.

    Sonic Youth’s Kim Gordon brings her Object Of Projection to Newport’s Substation

    Most know Kim Gordon as the co-founder of alt-rock band Sonic Youth. From 1981 to 2011 their atonal sounds won them the sort of indie cred few have equalled. Since the band’s breakup Gordon has continued her adventures in music and sound whilst experimenting with film, writing, acting, painting and design. While all these aspects of her work appear in the exhibition Object of Projection, now showing at The Substation in Newport, four short films form its clamorous beating heart.have equalled. 

    Altona Pier Revue exhibition

    The Altona Pier Revue exhibition at Louis Joel Gallery in Altona is the culmination of an expressed desire by locals, former residents and longtime visitors to acknowledge and capture in a lasting way the life of the 1888 pier, its demise, and the shiny new one that’s replaced it.

    Cherry Lake Red Watermilfoil

    The bloom on Cherry Lake is not the effect of pollution, it’s the native Red Watermilfoil.

    Eat Your Heart Out: Lack of venues forces theatre from the west to move north

    A comedy concerning sisters facing difficulties for the first time in their privileged life over weekly lunches.