By James Rose-Herbert

When you look at the nights and time that these community fit clubs are on, it is guaranteed to come into your head that nope I would rather be watching ‘House Rules’ or the latest episode of ‘The Big Bang Theory’.

I was like that a few months ago, but I decided to take the step out there and get involved. There are some unique people to meet, it is open for all ages and the workout itself is actually FREE. All the $5 entitles you to is the Protein shake and the thermogenic tea after your hour of intense workouts. These kind of group fitness activities are absolutely great for those people who are low on confidence, because everyone who attends no matter where they are in their own progression stages, they all now that they started off in the same stage as you.

Don’t be scared to come down and even just have a look at a session, it is a great way to meet new people in the western suburbs, and start smashing through the barriers that have stopped you in the past. 

If you are interested in getting involved, head on over to St. Albans community fit club on a Monday and Wednesday Nights, or if you can not make that head to the Sydenham fit club on a Tuesday or Thursday, both venues start at 7pm sharp! Bringing a smile and an eagerness to change your life is all that is asked of you!

Some key points to take note of in your weight loss journey/ lifestyle change is:

  • 20% Fitness
  • 80% Nutrition
  • 100% Mindset
  • You are a champion
  • Go at your own Level 10 and not the person next to you

Look ‘Club Health Fit Club & Nutrition’ on Facebook and get involved!




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