After participating in the Western Bulldogs Youth Leadership Project in 2015, Lauren McCormack found herself wanting to get more involved with the Western Bulldogs Community Foundation.

She went on to assist with the 2016 Western Bulldogs Youth Leadership Project, multiple Camp Bulldog camps aimed at young people, then deciding to combine the two things she most enjoys, working with young people and sport.

Lauren shares “I loved every moment I experienced during these programs which made me want to study something where I could work with young people every day”.

Lauren is now in her 3rd year studying a Bachelor of Youth Work and Sport Management at Victoria University and loving every moment of the course.

The Western Bulldogs Community Foundation’s Youth Leadership Program has been running successfully for six years, with over 500 young people from across Victoria’s west graduating with increased leadership skills, social connection and community experiences.

Despite the current coronavirus social gathering restrictions, the Foundation is committed to providing young people with positive experiences and is currently providing this flagship program in a safe and fun online environment.

This year, the program is being delivered across nine local government areas, engaging participants aged between 14 and 16. The intensive 12-session program offers unique opportunities for young people to build confidence, make new friends and develop skills that will enable them to become leaders in their community.

Dedicated to shaping our future leaders, the Foundation supports young people to join a journey to increase self-awareness, social awareness and ultimately community impact.

Lauren is still volunteering and assisting with the Western Bulldogs Leadership Project. “I can safely say that participating in the Western Bulldogs Leadership Project in 2015 changed my life and sent me in the right direction for my future”.

For further information and to nominate someone to participate in the program visit


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