Physical Tip for good breathing

Remembering to STOP and BREATHE is important during times of high anxiety.

So here is a great stretch for deep breathing. Come to standing, raise both your hands to the ceiling, take a deep breath into the belly (diaphragm) and on the exhale, stretch your arms to the right and then come back to centre. Repeat on the left! Hold for 5 seconds. You should feel a nice opening at your rib cage. Now repeat often during the day at regular intervals… like when you go to the bathroom!

Andrea Magro

Mental health tips

The Coronavirus is causing a lot of anxiety for many people.

Here are few tips we suggest you follow to support your mental health and wellbeing.

• Limit your exposure to the constant stream of virus information.

• Choose one, reliable source of info to keep yourself updated.

• Speak to others about how you feel, stay connected.

• Spend time doing things which bring you pleasure.

Remember we are here to support you.

Belinda Gibson

Nutrient Support for Great health

Vitamin D, C & Zinc are integral for our immune system function. Foods rich in these vitamins are fatty fish, mushrooms, nuts, seeds, eggs, legumes, broccoli, red capsicum & berries.  Remember to eat a daily rainbow of whole-food to support your wellness with nutrients that support you.  Get out in the sun and nature daily this makes us feel alive! Take care of your Beautiful Selves, Community. …and remember We are all in this together.  

Christine Carley


Your health professionals are all still working hard to support you. All allied health is considered an essential service so your psychologists, osteopaths, acupuncturists, myotherapists, physios, speech pathologists and so on are still seeing clients – just in a different way. So keep appointments or book in to ensure your continued good health in this period.

Key tips are to keep perspective, keep healthy, keep moving and find ways to be helpful and supportive to others.

Our top tip: video chat with loved ones. Set up video “cocktail hour” or “yoga hour”. Make it fun, make it enjoyable and know you are part of a global move to save lives.

Jennifer Cook



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