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The Asylum Seeker Resource Centre’s (ASRC) social enterprise, ASRC Catering has launched a new meal service in the wake of COVID-19 event cancellations, delivering delicious vegetarian meals to homes around Melbourne.

The heat-at-home meals are inspired by the flavours, cuisines and cultures of the people seeking asylum that the ASRC’s social enterprise employs.

People like Patrick, who is a psychologist by profession and originally from Uganda but now works in the kitchen preparing the meals.

“Food is good (laughs). Everyone needs it, even politicians and doctors. Taste is good, if food tastes better that’s great! Right now, I’m saving money and trying to get a scholarship so I can study at University again,” says Patrick.

For every meal you purchase from ASRC Catering one nutritious care meal is provided to a person seeking asylum who is supported by the ASRC at the centre in Footscray for a person seeking asylum.

Meals cost as little as $13.95 and customer favourites include tangy Persian Eggplant Fessunjun, a hearty East African curry or spicy Ethiopian Tikel Gomen – all meals serve 1 to 2 people and come with a side of rice (excluding the salads).

ASRC Catering is an award-winning social enterprise of the Asylum Seeker Resource Centre, creates fresh, healthy vegetarian food that’s bursting with flavours from around the world for catered events around Melbourne while creating pathways to employment for people seeking asylum.

All meals can be ordered online at

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