This is one of my favourite meals to cook, probably because I’m not that big of a fan of cooking and this recipe is easy and tastes delicious. I remember making it for my in-laws for the first time and it quickly becoming “my meal”.  Now, the secret to this meal is that you don’t really go by a distinct recipe, you just go by your own visual appeal and smell, so you can alter it as you go to suit your own tastes and amounts required.

All you need to begin with is:

  • A tray of heart smart beef mince meat
  • Some pasta – I like to use spiral pasta but sometimes even use 2 minute noodles or break up spaghetti pasta
  • A packet of chicken noodle soup
  • Mixed Vegies
  • Gravy powder
  • Mixed herbs
  • Water
  • Vegeta vegetable stock

I always begin by melting some margarine in a fry pan, then browning the mince. Once the mince is browned, I like to add the packet of chicken noodle soup and mix it through with a teaspoon or so of gravy powder, about half a teaspoon of mixed herbs and roughly a tablespoon of vegeta stock powder. I then add the some pasta, whatever looks like the right amount for the amount of people I am cooking for. Next up, I add a couple of cups of water to cook the pasta in. Then I chuck in some mixed vegies to add some nutrients and colour.

Like I mentioned earlier, this meal is completely flexible, but using these basics is always a hit for me. It doesn’t take long to throw together a deliciously healthy meal that the whole family can enjoy.

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