Words by Lydia Cooper

    Everyday you learn something new, and not to long ago while searching the Internet I learned something very interesting about Coca-Cola that I couldn’t help researching further!

    Coca-Cola or as it is often referred to as ‘Coke’ is currently the biggest brand and product in the world being sold in more than 200 countries world-wide and consumed by up to 1.8 Billion people everyday, but that isn’t what I learned, what I learned and researched deeply were the other surprising uses for Coke besides drinking it.

    Coke is said to have some serious cleaning powers, can be used as a killer for pests, and other beneficial uses. Some interesting uses include:

    • Cleaning a toilet – Pour around the bowl, leave for a little while and flush clean. Your toilet will be sparkly and clean.
    • Cleaning burnt pans or pots – Let it soak in some Coke and then rinse. The pan or pot will look like new.
    • Cleaning tough food stains from pots, pans or trays – Pour some Coke onto surface and scrub, I have tried this before and it worked like magic.
    • Removing bad odour from clothing – Add some Coke to your laundry to get rid of bad odour such as fish or work smells, Coke can also remove grease.
    • Defrosting a frozen windshield – Pour some Coke onto the area and wait, the frost should lift right off.
    • Making money shine – Put some old coins in a bowl of Coke and your coins will turn shiny. Coke can also be used to remove stains on China
    • Killing slugs and snails – A bowl of Coke will easily attract snails or slugs and the acid in the Coke kills them
    • Loosening a rusty bolt – Pour some onto the bolt and watch the magic happen.
    • Preventing an asthma attack- The caffeine in Coke can help prevent the onset of an Asthma attack
    • Getting rid of Hiccups – To get rid of annoying Hiccups gargle a big mouthful of ice-cold Coke in your mouth for a couple of minutes.
    • Cleaning a car engine – Car specialists have used this technique for years
    • Making chrome shine – Coke and aluminium foil bring a high shine to Chrome.
    • Coke can also be used for cleaning oil spills on a garage floor, cleaning a car battery, used in cooking to make nice BBQ sauce or baste of a ham, remove gum from hair and can even clean the rust in a dirty pool.

    With all these uses and many more, Is coke really meant to be for drinking? Imagine what it does to the 1.8 Billion people who consume it everyday. If it’s got enough chemicals to clean up oil spills on a garage floor or clean a car battery then what does it do to a human body?

    Maybe it’s best not for drinking but besides drinking it, Coke is otherwise a very useful and handy product.


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