By Daniel Brace

    If you think it’s warmer in the west, then you are right. It is hotter and drier in Melbourne’s western suburbs than in other parts of the city. This includes the inner-west. In a few weeks’ time, our gardens and greenery will start to bear the brunt of long, hot and dry days. The heat can sometimes feel inescapable, especially when it heats up inside the home as well as outside. Before the heat sets in is the time to think about ways to be kind, both to yourself and the environment.

     At home

    Most properties in the inner west are older style places. This means that your weatherboard or brick home might be susceptible to leaky pipes or older fittings.

    Showers are where we use the bulk of water. Showers account for about a quarter of daily water use. If you are in an older style house or apartment, you might want to think about exchanging your showerhead or fitting for a water efficient replacement. You just need to fill in a form from the link at the bottom of the page.

    In the garden

    There are direct health and wellbeing benefits from spending time in the garden. If it gets hot during the day, plants might be looking a bit thirsty by the evening time – which is a great time for watering. A couple of tips for the garden:

    • Water near the roots and use a sprinkler or watering system between the hours of 6 pm and 10 am when it’s a bit cooler. Watering in the middle of the day won’t be as effective.
    • Or if you need to water during the day, use a hand-held hose or watering can.

    Taking time out

    Explore your local neighbourhood for places to unwind and find the breeze, especially as the house heats up and over Christmas when the rellies take over. The early evening, while it’s still light is a great time for a leisurely stroll after the heat of the day.

    One such spot is the Kororoit Creek Trail, which starts at the bluestone bridge at Geelong Road, near Grieve Parade, down a purpose made walkway which runs alongside the creek, and ends at Barnes Road, Altona North.

    About half way along the walk is the GJ Hosken Reserve. Near the impressive 3 metre high human-kangaroo sculpture is where the 1,000,000 tree was planted as part of the Greening the West project.

    Worried about your water bill?

    City West Water understands that as the temperature outside rises so do the normal stresses of everyday life. If you’re worried about your water use or bill, please call Customer Care on 131 691 for a chat about ways we can work together to relieve the stress.

    More information

    Kororoit Creek Trail:

    Showerhead exchange program:  

    City West Water Customer Care – call 131 691

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