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When our small fries have those dreaded coughs and sniffles – especially the kind that come from day-care and cannot seem to be eradicated – we can use a little bit of hands on love to help them in their recovery.

Reflexology and Acupuncture use similar mapping systems regarding reference points in the hands, feet and face. So you can use a little acupressure – ( ie RUB IT) in these areas to help our children with stuffy noses and little chesty coughs.

P. S (works on adults too)

SINUSES: Blocked and runny: Rub those wee toes from base to tip, making sure to get inside, in-between and under the toe pads. And or / rub from base to tip of all fingers and the thumb for the same area (sinuses). Whichever one your child is more likely to let you touch.

P.S Hands are less ticklish than toes, but if you want to send them into peals of laughter I recommend toes.

COUGHS: Balls of the feet and in between the knuckles in your hands. Again go from the lowest point (base of the ball of the foot) to the top (base of the toes). Always going up, and paying attention to in between the knuckles. Do the front and back of the feet and hands for the best results.

Use whatever lubricant you want – hand cream, coconut oil, olive oil, massage oil whatever you have to hand. The important part is to do it. There is no wrong way, just work those areas from base to tip and help their bodies clear themselves of the congestion.

Jennifer Cook
Director and Reflexologist


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