As Elhanna and Narvas rode into the setting sun they kept chatter to a minimum. Moving through the camp, they kept silent.  Watching the white tents pass by, seeing their allies relax and settle in for the night. Continuing out of the camp, moving down the path, into the forest.

Once in the trees, Narvas begins to sing a merry riding tune. Amusing himself and upsetting Elhanna. She kept signalling him to keep quiet. He decided to sing louder. “Narvas, will you shut up?” She hissed at him.

“Why? We are protected in here.” He smiles and continues to sing. The trees seemed to sway with his voice. They rode for an hour before he stopped in the middle of a large clearing. Dismounting they stand there. “Narvas, why have we stopped?” Elhanna asked as a tree seemed to turn into the clearing.

“Mortals why are you here.” The tree asked. Startled, Elhanna turns to face the tree, bow drawn with an arrow notched.  The tree stands to reveal an Ent. The Ent walks over and looks down at Elhanna. “What do you intend to do with that, girlie?” She laughs nervously and lowers the bow.

“Mighty tree lord, we come only to ask for your assistance in battle with the undead that has recently risen.” Narvas shouts.

“Ahh, the singing pup. We like you, but we must think on this. The ents are not known for combat, we will see you out. Tell your commanders we will offer assistance, but we may not fight.” The Ent responds.  He then guides them out of his domain. Once out of the forest the pair return to camp and relay the Ent’s message to their commander. Manvir tells them to relax and settle in. This camp wasn’t going to be moving in some time.

A few days later a small group of Ents walk into the camp and confronts Manvir. Elhanna watched the exchange happen from a distance. Seeing the commander smile and shake hands with the lead Ent. Happy with the outcome she turns back to her friend and laughs. “Well we did it, seems like we got them to help.” She says. He looks over at the Ents and stands up. Laughing loudly, he begins to sing, many in the camp joining him. His song was one of joy and welcome.

(Artwork By Alhana Wells)



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