One of the most popular topics that has arisen lately that has been brought to my attention is online dating.

It has been advertised frequently on social media, for example television ads, Facebook, or your pal that has been using a dating site for sometime. They’ve made online dating for those that want to develop a romantic relationship and maybe even fall in love, or even for those that have felt a bit lonely and want to be accompanied by someone else. It’s for people all ages, lifestyles and locations.

It’s mainly about meeting new people, in which case there are advantages and disadvantages.

Firstly. you need to make your own profile to get started, and ‘suss’ it out from there on.

I’m sure most of us have heard of Tinder or have used it. I’m one of these  people that have tried using it though it didn’t get me very far, or actually help me meet someone successfully – no one really took my fancy and I knew most of the people from Facebook. I never thought there would be such a vain site where you would swipe right or left if you are interested or disinterested by just looking at people’s photos. I must admit though when I was matched to someone there was a boost of confidence, eventually though I came to realise it wasn’t getting anywhere for me. I guess we all have a different outlook on how we feel about online dating.

I’ve interviewed two people to see their perspectives – from a male and females point of view. The people were familiar with online dating and what they thought about it is below, and the advantages and disadvantages of their experience.

Lelet Lumani, Male, 39.

“I do like online dating. I have only recently used Tinder and Skout though I doubt I would find girlfriend material, it’s more of a “booty call”. I would say it’s more useful for meeting someone since I have met a fair few people though it rarely gets further to a deeper relationship. I would prefer to meet someone naturally like the old fashioned way and taking her out to dinner”

Advantages: It’s easier to meet people and also easier to reject people than doing it face to face. Same goes with asking open questions.

Disadvantages: Would have to be fake profiles where the women would lie about their name, age and their looks wouldn’t fit into their profiles.

Chelsea Miller, Female, 22.

“I personally don’t like online dating because there are too many “creeps”. I would recommend this to my friends and would warn them also with what they could be dealing with like safety reasons. Being cautious before meeting someone and always meet someone in a public area.”

Advantages: I met my boyfriend from Tinder and we have been dating for six months.

Disadvantages: Weird people and wasting a lot of my internet data.


Seeing these two perspectives, coupled with my own I would say there is nothing wrong with online dating. It wouldn’t hurt to try something new like I would say, if you play it safe. So is online dating for you and will you meet your lover?

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