Another rant brought to you by Hope Nectar

    The west community has a variety of forums, so I am sure you will find one to suit your needs, but beware! they all have the same things in common: people who still feel the need to type ‘F’ to follow a post, and lots of what-the-hell-was-that-post-about moments!

    So take a deep breath and let’s discuss a few post you are bound to come across.

    Let me google that for you

    When does daylight savings end?

    Ahh did you forget you have all the knowledge at your fingertips with Google? So Google it yourself! Did you really need to ask the whole inner-west that?

    Totally forgot this is a phone

    Hey is Bob’s chemist open ?

    Did you just ask if a store was open while you were on your phone!? I mean this is the epitome of laziness, asking a community forum if a store is open because that thing you’re holding in your hand is merely a paper weight that gets great Wi-Fi.

    Sad face emoji

    It’s a trap, usually posted by Admins so people can tell them how great they are and what a good job they are doing. Sure they were in a road rage incident when a four-year-old who pulled a face at them; they don’t get paid for this abuse, now feed them praise.

    I am sure the Admin will track down said four-year-old and remove them from the group.

    You are doing a great job Admins, really you are, please don’t delete me.

    Help me, I’m poor

    Lamps for sale $50. I am interested, would you take $5?

    What is it with the marketplace and BSS sites that people just have to barter?

    But they don’t just drop a few dollars, to round it to a nice figure, no, it’s can I have it for free and can you deliver it. My favourite comment is would you take $5 and I will pick it up today, which if you have been on the receiving end of 20 no-shows, that ‘pick it up today’ line can be quite enticing.

    Broken, doesn’t light up, missing a piece but still has life…

    No it doesn’t! Just because it has been laying around your house for years doesn’t mean it has life. Not everything needs to be sold. Hard rubbish people, use it, and don’t give it to the Salvos either, not even they want your rubbish.

    It’s a joke, right?

    Belly Button lint $2

    I love these posts – they always make the community laugh and you get some great memes from them but deep down you are never really sure if it was meant to be a laugh – but the post is funny, it’s hilarious, it’s totally a joke..isn’t it? Please God don’t let this be real and this individual be living in my neighbourhood.

    Anyone lost their mind?

    Found a bike in the parking lot, if it’s yours let me know what colour it is and I’ll return it.

    Seriously did you just find something and take it home and post online what a good Samaritan you are? You do realise someone will eventually retrace their steps and go looking for it but you’ve taking it home and not even left a note for the poor soul who think it’s gone forever. Thanks good Samaritan for keeping it safe, cause a BSS site is the first place I look to now when I lose my wallet.

    Look out for the local ‘cereal’ killer

    There is always a grammar Nazi on the internet. No matter how poignant your post is, some people just can’t read past the comma you used incorrectly. However it’s a forum and grammatical and auto-correct errors are just part of our world and really they should be forgiven.

    What I can’t forgive however is when that same article is posted over and over again (insert news sites here) and even though the first 50 comments are please fix the spelling error in your clickbait headline, no one does, it’s infuriating!

    Need a suggestion for baby names?

    Oh for F sake did you just ask for a name suggestion?!

    Enjoying going through 10,000 names cause you were too lazy Google it yourself!

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