Known by locals as “the soap shop”, LoveLuvo is a social enterprise in Seddon, providing sustainable, paid employment to people living with disability.

LoveLuvo Manager Narelle says: “Our reason for being here in the community is exactly that – We Love Luvo, we love our community and everything we offer. Our commitment to community stems from the ethos ‘the good you do comes back to you’ and we take it seriously. We source sustainable and environmentally friendly products, which are locally made where possible. We have also listened to our community; as of Friday 25 January we are providing a BYOC (Bring Your Own Container) refill service. We encourage our community to clean their single use bottles and bring them into LoveLuvo to fill with our LoveLuvo plant-based body products or Back to Basics cleaning products.”

Last year LoveLuvo also trialled a ‘Community Corner’, where local artists could hire wall space for a fortnight. This service provided exposure and support to local artists, and something new for customers. They charged a small fee and asked for four social media posts by the artist in return. All artwork sales go to the artist. The 2018 trial was successful and exceeded everyone’s expectations. The ‘Community Corner’ also houses gorgeous soaps made by the senior students of Yarraville Special Developmental School, which were a big hit last year. As the BYOC launch unfolds, Narelle added “We are always on the hunt for products made by our community groups!”

Find LoveLuvo at 174 Victoria St, Seddon, and on Facebook and Insta! @LoveLuvo


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