By Vanessa Shribman

    Standing on my own two feet

    When the world feels like it is in turmoil all around you how can you find peace and calm? 

    In these challenging times we need to find ways to ground ourselves as though we stand in the eye of the hurricane. We cannot look for it outside of ourselves. In order to deal with the disturbing currents we must look for ways to ground the body and mind to feel well in the world. Practising Yoga at such volatile times gives you the skills to stand in your own peace and stability.

    In the face of the massive conflict currently in the world the Yoga theme of this term in my classes is ‘standing on my own two feet’. In essence, learning how to stand evenly and physically on the earth in the face of difficulty. When you feel frightened and challenged by world events or anything in your life that makes you feel powerless and insecure try Tadasana or Mountain Pose. Mountains are solid, strong and imperturbable no matter what the surrounding events are. 

    Vanessa Shribman is a Senior Iyengar Yoga Teacher with 35 years experience. She teaches at Body Voice Centre in Footscray. She is also a Holistic Physiotherapist. She is offering 5 free scholarships this term for those who are from or who have family in Israel and Palestine. 

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    Stand with your feet hip distance apart.

    Feel that both feet are evenly on the ground. Balance right and left sides.

    If one side feels lighter than the other, make that leg and foot heavy.

    Push your legs towards your feet to straighten your knees.

    Feel that you have roots growing down deep into the earth.

    Now let the rooting of the legs help you to lift your spine up towards the heavens.

    Breathe deeply through the nose for 10 breaths into the earth under your feet.

    Practise this several times a day when you feel wobbly in the world. You can practise anywhere; in the privacy of your bedroom, in your workplace or with your feet on the earth in nature.

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