Profiling ‘Women of the West’

Meet Michelle Masterson and Sarah Strybosch. Together they started a not for profit group in the inner west called Women of the West (WOW). Their aim is to create supportive spaces for women to connect, inspire and share. Since November 2012 they have run 9 events and raised over $5000 for local charities. They do it through social media and by getting women together for events.

How long have you lived in the west?

Sarah: 10 years
Michelle: 7 years

What do you love about living in the west?

Sarah: My street, the food, the coffee, the people and how close we are to the city.
Michelle: The sense of community we feel here and watching the area evolve.

What is your favourite place to get coffee?

Sarah: W48 coffee at Sims Supermarket on my way to work.
Michelle: Jellybread in West Footscray do a mean milkshake!

Where did the idea for your organisation/work come from?

We wanted to build on the great feeling of connectedness and community that already exists in our suburbs. Since meeting at a local Mother’s Group four years ago, we’ve had the opportunity to get to know so many fantastic women and wanted to extend that opportunity to others. Our events support local venues, local charities and really just aim to get women out and having a good time.

How long have you been doing it? How has it evolved?

We have run 9 events over two years now with crowds of between 50 and 130 women. Our Facebook page continues to grow and we are meeting new faces at each event. The momentum at the moment is really exciting and we hope to reach many more people in the coming year.

What is your greatest achievement to date?

Our favourite events by far have been the two Gala’s at 501 Receptions. Last year we had 130 women dancing and smiling all night and sitting back during the night to soak it all up was definitely a highlight. Alfred, the owner of 501 actually commented on how great it was to see this sense of community; “just like in Italy”.

What’s coming up for you and your organisation?

Next year we will run another four events. We may even dabble in some new ideas for getting together. We’ll also be continuing to introduce you to some fabulous women of the west so stay tuned…

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