There is currently a mission to protect Australian beaches and waterways from the growing marine plastic pollution epidemic. This summer, a pledge has been made – a commitment to clean
1 million square metres of Australian coastline. Through the Volunteers for the Ocean initiative, 20 beach clean-ups are taking place across Australia.

It all kicked off in Adelaide on the weekend of January 18th and 19th and has since hit Sydney and the Whitsundays in Queensland. Fittingly, the clean-ups made their way to Melbourne for Clean Up Australia Day. On both Saturday 29th February and Sunday 1st March, volunteers helped to clean up Altona Coastal Park and Jawbone Bird Sanctuary in Port Phillip Bay.

As part of this global partnership, sponsors Corona and Parley are calling on Australians to get involved and be part of their global movement.

“2020 will be a key year for the oceans movement,” says Parley Founder and CEO Cyrill Gutsch. “This is the start of the decade when humanity starts to make plastic and other harmful materials a relic of the toxic past. Our partnership with Corona, both in Australia and globally, has empowered thousands upon thousands of volunteers and allowed us to truly scale up. Beyond the hands-on impact of each clean-up, it’s very much about educating and changing minds – creating new ambassadors for the oceans. Collectively, we all have a role to play in rewriting the future.”

To learn more about the mission to address the marine plastic pollution crisis and see the full clean-up location list please visit www.protectparadise.com.au.


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