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    To prune or not to prune? That is the question.

    Pruning hints and tips in this month's Diggin' It

    Which plant where? And why not on my nature strip? 

    As I was mowing the endless miles of nature strip bordering my corner block recently, I wondered why, in this time of climate concern, we cling so desperately to European notions of lawn, especially on our nature strips. Lawns are a monoculture environment offering little shelter, shade or food to native fauna, while demanding much in time and resources to maintain.

    The ‘Ground Cover Bandit’ strikes again

    It is illegal to take cuttings from plants in council parks, isn’t it? Not that I’d ever do that, I’m just asking for a friend who thinks he might have a problem.

    The broad appeal of the humble broad bean

    Broad beans are foolproof, good value for money and add vibrancy and fresh scents to your garden.

    The heat is on

    I love the way a brick wall soaks up heat, holding it fast all day, then radiating it out into the air as the evening cools.