Do you have a treasured possession? Perhaps something that reminds you of your childhood – or even something that dates back to your childhood! A collection of silver spoons, a collection of 47 pairs of shoes, or maybe a vintage car, lovingly restored? We asked nine westsiders about theirs.

    Phuong To – My most treasured possession is not something new (it once was), not that expensive and definitely not unusual. It is my Citizen watch attached to a leather wristband that has been with me nearly my whole life. It is something that was given to me as a present at a young age, hoping that having a watch on my hand at all times would teach me how to read the time (Roman numerals). Well, what can I say, it worked. The watch and I became inseparable. Strangely, while the good times are few and hard to remember, it is the numerous low times that make the wristwatch so precious. Heck, it has even saved my life on an occasion or two. It is due to this that the watch has suffered scratches, cracks, dead batteries and even rips that add to it’s charm. It is through these marks that remind me just how long it has been with me. This is why it is my most treasured possession.

    Jakub Mancewicz – I can’t live without my iPhone!  I use my iPhone for pretty much anything such as a my personal diary, dating applications, connecting with family and friends, sporting apps, paying my bills, social media apps and even setting my alarm clock! The iPhone can be used for watching videos and taking memorable photos. Every day I use my iPhone for all different purposes; making phone calls, listening to music and all the different applications. It’s a touch screen which makes it easier to use with fingerprint recognition. I currently have the iPhone 5s and am waiting of the newer version of the iPhone 6 to come out!

    Edlira Vula – Cana – In 1970 my dad built a house in Ulcinj Montenegro. My siblings and I used to spend most of our school holidays there. I collected shells as a hobby. They had beautiful shells at the beach that was called llazha Madhe. It is a beautiful paradise where my family, friends and I had a wonderful time, I still have the shells at home in a beautiful vase. The reason I still have the shells is because I have beautiful childhood memories with family and friends that I will never forget.

    Jennifer Manivong – Looking back to my childhood and seeing what I actually cherished which I do not do anymore actually means a lot. I was that typical Asian kid that loved all that pretty Asian stuff. What I kept ‘til this day as I have grown up is a notebook – pads of Snow White. Even though she was just a drawing I admired her beauty. Also stickers of Hello Kitty or anything that has to do with Hello Kitty like the teddy bears. I remember I use to always tell mum to take me to a store in Richmond where we use to live. I remember falling in love over and over again each time I went there and wanted to add another item to my collection. My mum also used to take me to Galactic Circus to play a train game where you put a 20 cent coin in the slot. I use to always go there to get tickets and get a Hello Kitty teddy worth at least 8000 tickets. I would like to go back to those good times!

    Zachary Boicovitis – My treasured possession is my Greece Euro 2004 frame which is hanging on my bedroom wall. We won the tournament – which no one gave us a chance of winning – but we did. I remember the day like it was yesterday, one of best times of my life when we won and when I bought the frame it just brings back so many happy memories. I cannot wait to one day give it to my kids and tell them about it and show them the DVD of them winning the tournament!

    Jessica Appleton – One of my most valued possessions is a powder compact. When I was a child my great Nan would always put this on every day. When I was older I went and bought one that looked just like hers. I have never opened it and I don’t think I will. It sits on the TV unit in view of everyone, and whenever I look at it I smile and think of my Nan.

    Wayne Herft – I am somewhat a hoarder. I have a cabinet in my study which I have meaningful and or memorable possessions on display. Most items I have collected are from my overseas travel. Some of the items I have are a bottle the shape of the Tokyo Tower which I bought when I visited the tower, and a gold Bluetooth speaker from a vending machine from my trip in Japan which I randomly won. On my holiday to Sri Lanka, the guide gave me two small gems in a small glass box which remind me of where I was and my time in Sri Lanka. I went to Thailand with three of my good friends which was quite a memorable experience. I received a special edition aluminium coke bottle which was made to celebrate the Olympic Games in Brazil. When I was in Poland I was given cuff-links by the hotel which I was staying in. I have a glass ornament the shape of a pyramid full of sand from near the pyramids in Egypt, which was bought near the Pyramids. I also have a few possessions that I highly value which were my grandma’s who passed away. I like to keep all these possessions visible so as I walk in or out of my study I see, remember and reflect on the meaning or moment behind them.

    Grace Magill – My vintage blue and yellow striped teddy bear blanket, I can say is one of my all-time treasured possessions. Ever since I was about five years old I remember the feel and even the smell – everywhere I went, it went with me. With all of the fond memories, travel and all the tears it stopped for myself as a little girl now holds a much more special place in my heart now. I was able to pass it on to my beautiful young four year old little boy who I hope will get as much joy out of it as I once did.

    Lelet Lumani – In November last year my dog (whom I named Casanova after the song) passed away and my mother came up with the idea of making a photo album of him. I know some of you might think it’s stupid but owners of pets will understand, you grow an amazing bond with your pets and they become like family members. In 2000, a friend of mine’s dog had pups and he asked me if I wanted one but not having had a pet before I hesitantly accepted knowing the added responsibility that comes with owning a pet. He was a Kelpie and an extremely talented dog, people won’t believe this but he would bark at the sky fifteen minutes before it would rain, without fail and my mother loved this because she knew to take the clothes off the clothesline. Also I taught him to sit, stay, fetch the ball, lie down and to stay on his 2 back legs for at least a minute. His fur was black with his right paw having a splash of white on it and his neck also being white. Back to the album I didn’t realise how many pics I had taken but I would guess there are around fifty!


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