Western Health Collective health tips for April 2021

    By Alice Lamont, Christine Carley, Tania Delahoy and Jennifer Cook.

    World Health Day, April 7, 2021:

    “Every April 7, the World Health Organization chooses to highlight a special theme currently in the wellness and medical world. Ranging from mental health to insurance and everything in between, this day sets the tone for what’s to come in the world stage. This year’s World Health Day will shine a light on nurses and midwives, the on-the-call, restless workforce that revolutionised the healthcare industry as we know it today.”

    In light of this we have asked two fabulous people at different points in nursing – one starting out and one in the midst of her nursing career, to share a little something about why, how and what nursing means to them.

    I believe we all now truly appreciate the breadth and depth of skills and care that our nurses provide in our hospital systems all over the world. COVID has shone a bright light on that and that can only be a good thing.

    As for midwives, I have had the honour and pleasure of working with them both professionally and personally, and in my experience, they can only be described as awe inspiring and incredible medical professionals. If you want to know more about midwives and their roles, then head to MAMA in Kensington:

    MAMA is the first holistic midwifery centre, providing pregnancy care, education and support for Melbourne’s women and their families. A marvellous local resource for anyone planning a family, or pregnant and wanting support.

    WHC hopes everyone has a great Holiday break over Easter & School Holidays and we hope you think about the amazing nurses and midwives who provide such a critical role in healthcare in Australia and the world over.

    Jennifer Cook
    Director, WHC


    Alice Lamont

    Alice has been a receptionist at Western Health Collective since 2018 and has recently commenced an entry to practice master’s degree in Nursing. Alice is drawn to nursing because of the unique position nurses hold in patient advocacy, patient safety and escalation of care. Their ongoing presence (in inpatient settings) and vigilance assists doctors to make better clinical decisions. Nurses are often the first to pick up on critical warning signs, making their role in healthcare vital.

    Perri Ayton

    Perri Ayton graduated as a nurse from the University of East Anglia in 2003. Originally from the UK she worked in the English system for years until she then travelled the world, working as a nurse in Nepal, Peru and Vietnam. Perri is now in Melbourne, Australia and has worked in various parts of hospitals including, Burns Unit, Sexual Health, Hospital in the Home, Diabetic ward, Medical Assessment Unit, ICU (Intensive Care Unit) and recently the COVID pop up ward. Perri’s favourite jobs have been ICU and Hospital in the home, which she feels is the closest to the English style nursing as it has a lot of autonomy and self management with patients which she really enjoys.

    April Tip:

    While you are on a break – please go into your “medicine cabinet” and check the dates on all your prescriptions and medications. Unwanted or expired medicines should be returned to your local pharmacy. If needed, organise to replace them. The safety of medications is reliant on those expiry dates, so we really don’t want you using that 14 year old tube of Savlon!

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