Hugh Jackman stars in Columbia Pictures' THE FRONT RUNNER.

What a film! Hugh Jackman again wows the audience with another spectacular job. This time he plays the 1988 presidential candidate Gary Hart. The story explores Hart’s pretty much sure thing president run, until a certain decision ruined any chance. I am always a huge fan of historical dramas, they bring light into events that we may not know about and in this case it was completely new to me. Although it was set several decades ago you can see how much this still relates today. How much and the way the media seems to affects today’s politics was almost completely unknown back then. Gary Hart’s decision to make and extra marital affair gets the media’s attention and throws a spanner in the works.  I was thoroughly hooked straight into the movie. Director Jason Reitman does a fantastic job in making a political drama – usually a boring subject – into an entertaining film, which is fantastic because everything in this movie has been done to its fullest. The 1980’s backdrop is really refreshing, and so is the acting. In fact I really don’t think there is a negative aspect to the movie at all. This film is definitely a “front runner” if you like for 2019. It’s Hugh Jackman in one of his best performances, especially after the success of the Greatest Showman. This film is directed towards a more mature audience otherwise it may just lose connection with the viewer.

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