The Newsstand Art project is happening! Thanks to the kick-start funding The Westsider received at last year’s Inner West Community Enterprises Community Pitch, the first art project is unfolding right now, and will be installed at The Sun Theatre in the coming weeks.

    The recent call for artist submissions was hotly contested, with local artist Ash of Throwaway Art being awarded the project.


    Inside the mind of an artist

    Throwaway Art was given a (literally) blank canvas to apply their style to the newsstand, and after seeing the stand in person, decided to change the stand’s colour to a light pink. The background will represent a dusky sunset sky.

    Ash said “I have experience with spray paint on metal, but found the newsstand extremely difficult to get any paint to adhere to. I tried a few of the most recommended varieties for this type of job, but all flaked off or repelled without sticking. I eventually had success after a lengthy sanding session and application of some metal etching agent.”

    The designs

    Next Ash devised a six layer Sun Theatre stencil to be sprayed onto the largest rear panel of the newsstand. The stencil has an appropriate art-deco vibe. He then set about filming the painting of the six layers of the stencil in time-lapse videos; one of preparation of the newsstand, and the second of the Sun Theatre stenciling.

    “This design and the particular stage of the project is the most interesting”

    Ash also designed a Westgate Bridge stencil which he’s now installed on one of the side panels.

    “This was a proof of concept, and the image on the newsstand is identical to the one I made with Photoshop. It’s a little subtle, but I did a bit of reconnaissance and tried to incorporate the Westgate from a similar aspect to that of The Westsider’s logo.”


    The work ahead

    On the top panel of the Newsstand you’ll find The Westsider’s logo with tag-line, the dual purpose to these concepts being that the newsstand will feature imagery of Yarraville icons, and The Westsider newspaper features articles relating to Yarraville.

    “The other side panel will have a community vibe to the design – families playing, perhaps a dog. That sort of thing.”


    More newsstands to come

    If your organisation is interested in sponsoring an artist or hosting the installation of a future newsstand project, please contact us at The Westsider –

    The plan is for 5 more art projects to roll-out across the inner west over 2019.


    Follow the project


    Social media is the place to watch the time-lapse clips and see the rest of the work unfold – and keep an eye out for the grand reveal and installation!

    You can follow the progress on Facebook:


    And Instagram:




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