It doesn’t really matter anymore if someone is a climate change denialist. Whether its a politician,  fossil fuel lobbyist, or your annoying Uncle Rupert, who becomes even more so after a couple of chardonnays at family dinners and expects a personal explanation from a panel of leading climate scientists before he will even vaguely reconsider his views – it’s now both a moot point and a time waster.

    It’s clear that action must supersede the status quo of squabbling and fake news masquerading as “healthy discussion”. Even if you, reader, still have doubts, ask yourself this – who is more likely to have reason to lie, a scientist or a politician?

    So while intelligent, measured conversations still need to take place, we have to let people continue to believe what they like, but the world can’t wait any longer for them to get with the program, they will be brushed aside in a tide of progressive activity.

    3 things should and will happen, and they will impact us all.

    1. A coordinated effort towards significantly halting climate change, led by government and directed down to us (and up to the coal industry)
    2. Individuals, businesses and communities preparing themselves for potential and unavoidable financial changes, and embracing new opportunities to replace old industries and markets
    3. All of us must take action outside our comfort zone

    What does that mean for you and me?

    Do what we can, not just what suits us, be aware of what’s possible, and stop sharing eloquently written Facebook posts and start “doing”. Take one step, possibly a hard one, followed by another.

    Right now you might be thinking, “Oh great, so what are you doing apart from writing this and telling me to change my life?” Fair question. I thought about what I am doing currently – saving power, saving water, rarely driving, obsessively recycling; taking my keep-cup down to the local cafe – but realised I was doing these things because they align with my lifestyle – they are easily achievable.

    Now I have opted to do something that does not suit me. My next step is to eradicate one thing from my diet that contributes about 20-25% of the planet’s total carbon emissions. Thankfully it’s neither coffee, cake or beer. Its beef – the clearing of forests, mass farming, producing of feed, and methane emissions. I’ve eaten beef all my life – not every day, but enough to have contributed a fair whack to climate change. That’s right, much as it pains me, no more steaks, pies, Beef Bourguignon or Rendang for me.

    That’s my difficult first step. As for my second step, I’m not sure, but now that my mind is open to the changes we are all going to have to make, I’ll be better prepared.

    There’s no sitting on the fence with this one.

    Derek Green,
    Managing Editor, The Westsider

    Derek Green
    Derek Green
    I'd rather die wandering than die wondering. Read more of my travel escapades at:

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