Words by Lydia Cooper

Do you remember when you were younger and went to play at your favourite playground?

Or maybe there were different playgrounds you loved to play in as a child.

If you went back to see that favourite playground, would it still be there today? You spent much of your childhood free time having fun on the slide or running to get to the swings first, or maybe you and your friends played hide-and-seek there, had picnics or played on the see-saws.

At the time it was all just great fun. These fun times soon become just memories and sadly those playgrounds have been demolished and have vanished over the years.

Recently, when I was back in my home-town, I discovered that the grounds where two of my favourite playgrounds used to stand had been demolished to make room for new constructions or were simply replaced. It made me think back on those great memories of playing and going really high on the swings, but it also made me feel sad that a place that gave such good fond memories was now gone. It was also a big reminder that nothing lasts forever and to really appreciate things more.

When you think about it, what else has changed since those days? What other places or things that gave such great childhood memories are now gone? And where did the memories go?

If you have the time, definitely go back and visit these places while they are still around, before they disappear. It might not even be a playground or somewhere from when you were a child, it might be an old favourite hangout spot where you spent lots of time as a teenager or another place that gave fond memories – either way, these places will at some point be replaced by something else.

Enjoy them while you still can.


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