By Edson Manuel

Inside out is the most recent animated feature produced by Pixar, about a bubbly, goof-ball, 11 year old girl named Riley.

The story is led by her five inner emotions: Joy, Sadnesss, Anger, Fear and Disgust, and they interact and live in headquarters (her mind), where their job is to orchestrate Riley. (For example: they have a control panel at headquarters, and if Joy is in front of the control panel, Riley will have joy).

Joy is the primary lead who is dedicated to constantly keeping the other emotions intact, and they’ve managed to continue that organised flow for Riley for the last eleven years.

Until, Riley and her inner emotions are met with the first big life changing event – moving from Minnesota to San Francisco with her parents due to Riley’s Dad’s new job opportunity.

Everyone has to adjust to this change, and that’s when the adventure begins!

Review: This all began because my nephew, age 5, won a $50 Village gift voucher. My sister wanted to take him out and she invited my family all to come along. I declined at first, because I had just woken up Saturday morning; but then I watched the trailer and I was intrigued.
And I am glad that I decided to go.

Pros: This movie is definitely a must-see for all ages. Children will adore the colours and animations, and adults will enjoy that and the heart-warming, complex, intriguing and unique storyline. It’s a film that everyone can relate to and there are definitely morals to be learnt and discussed about afterwards. It’s been awhile since a movie has impacted me in this way and it’s so refreshing to have witnessed such an intelligent, witty and refreshing storyline.

Cons: I think Act Two ran a little too long.

A pre-requisite: If you see this film, be warned – you will cry.

And the mini-film ‘Lava’ before the movie is awesome too.

Overall Rating: 8.9 out of 10.

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