My name is Robert Aduer. I work at Melton Secondary College as a Community Liaison Coordinator where my role is in engaging with and providing support to students and parents particularly from new and emerging diverse communities.

I got involved with the Western Bulldogs Community Foundation through the pilot of the GOAL mentoring program. The program was very successful and was a turning point for a number of young people. I believe in the importance of extracurricular programs like this that build leadership and resilience but also provide a connection to mentors that can share life skills.

I’m also working with the Foundation now through the Melton Health Champions project which empowers young people to share positive messages about COVID safety. I’m really passionate about collaboration, partnership and active engagement which are core business when working to support young people and communities.

The Western Bulldogs Community Foundation is doing a good job as a key leader in this space and the relationship built with Melton Secondary College is really important and strong.

The key message I would have for parents and young people is to seek out programs and organizations that provide opportunities like the Foundation does.

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