When I ride the train, I always see a lot of graffiti art on the walls, on the back of old sheds or buildings, and on other blank canvases tagged with graffiti. Some graffiti looks just like random scribble with no real meaning. Other works of Graffiti are awesome and can easily be appreciated and look interesting, beautiful or even like they’re trying to tell an important message. There is real expression behind what the artist has created and makes the walls, old sheds or buildings and blank canvas’s have some life and colour.

The effort put into some graffiti looks to be an extreme amount of work and I always question many things about certain Graffiti. How did they get up so high to create that aerosol spray painting of a Dragon or those blocked letters on a high building? Were they alone when they created those long wavy letters in the form of a tagged name? Do they create these messages, paintings or figures at night? How long do they take? What inspires them to create these features? What are the stories or messages behind some of these interesting and beautiful features?

Something I love about Graffiti and graffiti artists is that they can draw, paint, write whatever they feel like. They express what they feel and their are no rules in their art. It crosses boundaries and draws from real emotion and expression to create something unique. The works are then shared with the world and everyone notices because it stands out clearly. I don’t agree with graffiti being used as a form of vandalism of vehicles or trains that some people do.

But, I do appreciate the awesome work and effort put into graffiti that has depth, beauty or real meaning. As long as it looks good and is in the right place then Graffiti is alright and makes blank places look more lively.

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