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    The online world has taken over many basic tasks, whether it be social interaction, banking, or even dating. Consumers have taken a particular liking towards online shopping, given its convenience, cost effectiveness and variety. You could be on the train, in your bed, at work or in the classroom and simultaneously purchase a jacket from America, a handbag from Italy or a watch from Japan. With such practicality and ease it is hard to imagine consumers entirely ignoring this option for the sake of the struggling boutique industry in Australia.

    With all advances in technology it is important to recognise and consider the negative consequences and balance these against the benefits. Despite the savings possible from purchasing clothing and accessories online, a more important loss eventuates. This loss is the friendly interaction, advice and conversation with retail employees. The lively service and warmth of remarkable customer service is unmatched by a mere selection of clothing, size choice, payment details and email confirmation available from online shopping. This process is repetitive, generic and impersonal, omitting the social and enjoyable nature of shopping.

    Beyond the social interaction, it is important to support local boutiques, as consumers can take advantage of the ability to actually see the product they desire before their eyes – without the need to use a ‘zoom in’ feature. Quality is more easily recognised this way and guesses need not be made regarding sizing. Delivery waiting periods and additional express charges do not arise, instead consumers can easily select a dress and purchase over the counter instantaneously.

    Jo-Anne Armstrong, owner of a boutique in Seddon called Once More with Feeling has been a part of the industry for three years. The vintage orientation of her boutique is inspired by her experience in theatre and art. Once More with Feeling has a lot to offer for men and women who love vintage and admire fashion from the 20s through to the 80s with a carefully curated selection of high quality vintage clothing. Men aren’t left behind, with a quality range of shirts from brands like Phillips as well as bow ties, shoes and scarves. Jo ensures that local and national designers are supported, and features items from Erstwilder, Jubly-Umph, Ava and Rose and Retrospec’d. It’s quirky, colourful and fun and Jo is sure to leave customers feeling extra special, suggesting unique pieces that spark nostalgic memories.

    Her response to the growing inclination to shop online is the incomparable ambience, immaculate service and inspired vintage clothing of her store. A truly catered and personalised service is provided to each and every customer who is left with a memorable experience and appropriate purchases to signify this. The stories and memories sparked by vintage items are important to reflect upon and converse with, these observations are difficult to voice in the online world where you are all alone.

    There is also an inclination for consumers to head to large department stores at the mere convenience of making a variety of purchases from the one location. Department stores are a threat to smaller boutiques and it is important to show support to local businesses given the more intimate service and quality items available. It may take more time to find an appropriate boutique and the perfect product, however consumers are more likely to fall in love with a dress or a jacket where there aren’t numerous repetitions on the rack or imitations at another store. Given we are all unique, with different qualities and preferences, a unique item of clothing is befitting. Small boutiques can cater for you, they can address your personal tastes, and vintage boutiques like Jo’s can even leave you with a piece to suit a prized memory.

    Whether it be to support the Australian economy, avoid exorbitant delivery charges or experience the warmth of retail staff, you must visit a local boutique today. Ditch the phone or laptop – online shopping is hardly a memorable or unique experience – boutiques like Once More with Feeling are guaranteed to make your day. Jo is delighted to take you back to a period in time you connect with the most and find you a suitable piece that will spark stories almost forgotten.

    Be sure to follow Once More with Feeling on Facebook and Instagram for information about what’s new in store.

    Instagram: @Oncemorewithfeelingvintage

    Address: 73 Charles Street, Seddon, Phone: 0403 775 869

    Styled by Ramzy:


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    1. Dear Jo-Anne,

      My name is Gaia Camponi Benaglia and I’m an Italian professional painter and illustrator.
      I work with different techniques and I’m specialized in hand-painted custom wall murals for home and business.
      I saw your boutiques in Seddon and I really like your colorfull style. I would like to have a talk about the possibility of doing some artwork for your store!
      In the end of the message you can found the link for my web site, so you can have a look at what I do.
      I would love to hear back from you and discusse any of your enquiries.

      Kind Regards

      Gaia Camponi Benaglia
      Illustration Painting Design
      0424 215 966
      Instagram: gayacamponiart
      Facebook: Gaya Camponi Art

    2. Hello there. I have a few pairs of shoes that if suitable for your shop I was wondering if you would like. Please contact me via my email if you would like me to pop in and show you. I am not looking for any money for them. I just don’t want to throw them out. I would love to think they’re out there strutting their stuff one more time.

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