By Kate Skinner

Like me, you might feel a little lost when it comes to home workouts. You want an effective bodyweight workout but not sure which apps will do the job. I have tested many exercise apps to give you my favourite four free bodyweight fitness apps, guaranteed to make you sweat.

#1 – FitOn – Free fitness workouts and personalised plans, by ‘FitOn’

A new favourite of mine. Workouts range from 5 to 40 minutes and are all guided workouts by different trainers who help motivate and correct form. It is like having a personal trainer in your lounge room doing the exercises with you.

There are hundreds of HIIT, tabata, yoga, pilates, barre, interval and cardio bodyweight workouts available. Most also have warm-ups and cool-downs included.

Recommended workouts are selected for the user depending on their current fitness, their fitness goals and how much time they want to exercise. There are also hundreds of categorised workouts easy to navigate.

I find it helpful to follow the trainer on screen so I can match their speed and see correct form. It is also one of the few fitness apps where 100% of the workouts are free.

I find myself coming back to this app each time I work out.

#2 – HIIT Workout by ‘7M Workout Apps’

Six simple high-intensity-interval-training bodyweight workouts to get the heart racing.

With workouts ranging from 4 to 21 minutes, this is a great app if you want a quick, effective all-body workout.

The voiceover announces the upcoming exercises while the animated videos demonstrate the movements, leaving you no excuses.

You can even get the kids involved with doing star jumps, butt kicks and running on the spot. You are left feeling sweaty and energised without having used to too much time.

#3 – Nike Training Club, by Nike

This app recommends exercises based on the user’s current fitness, their fitness goals and workout preference. With 201 workouts ranging from 5 to 47 minutes, there are workouts for endurance, mobility, strength and yoga.

It is very easy to browse different collections of workouts such as ‘workouts for the whole family’ and ‘workouts for small spaces’. The individual exercises are easy to follow and have a pre-recorded trainer demonstrating the exercises while the voiceover helps correct form. There is also no music during the workouts, allowing music lovers to blast their own workout tunes. I use this app to complete a standalone workout or I combine it with other workouts.

#4 – Plank Workout: 30 Days Plank Challenge by ‘Leap Fitness App’

Plank a day keeps the doctor away! Only joking, but this is a fantastic app to seriously strengthen your core. Users can choose a beginner, intermediate or advanced monthly plank challenge where they hold a traditional plank or plank variation for a set time each day with plenty of rest in between.

Be warned, this is not an easy challenge as the plank times slightly increase each day. I use this app as a core finisher for the end of my workouts.

The beginners challenge starts off easy with a 20 second elbow plank and 10 second side planks, so those who have not done any sort of core challenge before shouldn’t be scared to give it a go.

25min Functional HIIT workout by Kate 🙂

This bodyweight high-intensity interval workout is suitable for all fitness levels, so work your hardest within your individual limits. Listen to your body.

You will need an interval timer app for this workout.

This workout is 3 rounds and a finisher round, repeating each round 3 times through.

On the interval timer, your interval sets should be set to 10s for ‘low intensity’ and 20s for ‘high intensity’, with 12 sets in total. If this is your first home workout, perhaps start with 2 rounds Please warm up before and cool down after.

ROUND 1 – Let’s get the blood pumping!

  • Alternating side lunges
  • Mountain climbers
  • Long jumps (1 long jump from standing jumping as far forward as you can, then step back to original position)
  • Elbow plank

40s REST

ROUND 2 – Let’s SWEAT!

  • Wall sit
  • Squat pulses (squat position, pulsing up and down)
  • Shoulder taps (in extended plank position, hand taps opposite shoulder, then same with the other hand)
  • Push-ups (on toes or knees)

40s REST

ROUND 3 – Legs, legs and more legs!

  • Wall sit
  • Sumo squat hold (wide squat, hold)
  • Jump squats
  • Reverse alternating leg lunges

40s REST

FINISHER – The final stretch!

Last round! Only twice through! Change your interval timer to 8 sets instead of 12.

  • High knee sprint
  • Lying leg raises (laying down legs straight, use core to raise legs to 90°, lower back down)
  • Skaters (jump side to side, pushing off outside leg onto other leg)
  • Russian twists (sitting legs bent, lean back and twist from side to side)




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