By Peter Wingate

    You (that’s right, I’m pointing at YOU) do not appreciate the same rights as all other Australian citizens.  Did you know that? Are you angry about it? Blasé? Ignorant to it?

    It’s a strange thing to say, but this whole concept of equality works both ways, meaning (for example) Mr. Caucasian-Christian-Australian-born-Straight-Professional is as unequal when it comes to (say same-sex marriage) rights as Ms. Multi-Racial-Immigrant-Hindi-Lesbian next to him.

    But, you say; he is the benefactor of the rights and she the…. Loser?… Forfeiter?

    She never held those rights to be able to have them taken, so maybe that’s not the right term.

    Rather, as a citizen of a democracy (i.e. in a functioning democracy, ultimate power belongs to the people) she (and her compatriots) collectively bestow those rights, whether equal or not.

    The concept of democracy at its best is about equality; one-vote-one-(hu)man, regardless of age, gender, sexuality, ethnicity, professional status, etc. etc.

    The concept of individual equality and political democracy are inseparable; one should not exist without the other.

    Unfortunately, in Australian marriage law, they currently do, meaning WE ALL are not equal.

    Stay tuned for Part 2 of my Marriage Equality Series: ‘The Pleb-iscite is a sad political joke, but YES I’m taking part!’ in October’s edition.

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