Looking for a program to follow when coming to the gym can be a workout in itself, so let’s try to make it easier to pick the perfect program for you.

    There are two main programs, full body and split programs. As the name suggests, a full body workout targets all the major muscles in the body. This type of program is good for people who can come to the gym 1–3 times per week, as muscles need to be stimulated at least twice per week to see any significant progress.

    Remember that technique is much more important than how much weight you are lifting. So if you are worried you may be doing something wrong, feel free to ask a member of staff about setting up a complimentary personal training session.


    Full Body Workout

    Exercise Major Muscles being worked Sets Repetitions Rest Time
    Squat Glutes/Quads 3 8–10 90–120
    Dumbbell Bench Press Pectoral 3 8–10 90–120
    Lat Pulldown Latissimus Dorsi 3 8–10 90–120
    Hamstring Curl Hamstrings 3 8–10 90–120
    Dumbbell Shoulder Press Deltoids 3 8–10 90–120
    Seated Row Trapezius/Latissimus Dorsi  3 8–10 90–120


    Lower Body Workout 

    Exercise Major Muscles being worked Sets Repetitions Rest Time
    Deadlift Glutes/Hamstrings 3 8–10 90–120
    Leg Press Quads 3 8–10 90–120
    Hamstring Curl Hamstring 3 8–10 90–120
    Leg Extensions Quads 3 8–10 90–120
    Dumbbell Step Ups Quads/Glutes 3 8–10 90–120
    Calf Raises Calves  3 8–10 90–120


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