Next time you are at market say ‘hi’ to these other locals and get to know them by name…

Geeti – Inner West Swedish Baker Yarraville

From a stone oven bakery café in Faro on the island of Gotland in Sweden Geeti reinvented her local catering business and food trailer to bake Swedish rye bread and pastries and become a market trader.

Steve and Raphael – Burn City Smokers Vernon St South Kingsville

Burn City Smokers were an events and catering company. Now they offer home delivery and have become market traders. The believe food is an art form and experience is everything. They say that the ritual of preparing, cooking and serving food to friends and family fills their hearts and puts fire in their bellies.

Alberto and Aristea – Cerminara Catering “Fresh” Food Truck Altona North

With a specialised catering food truck designed to serve high volume food at festivals and events Alberto Cerminara had to think outside the box to reinvent his business under lockdown. His family have lived in Altona North for 45 years so are true locals and his father has had food and ice-cream vans operating locally. Buying produce direct from market stallholders he is now serving hot food to go to take home and enjoy.

Rich – Mount Zero Olives Sunshine

Mount Zero Olives products are a common sight in Melbourne eateries and providores and well respected for the high quality of their products. The family farm is in the Wimmera in western Victoria where they grow olives, harvest salt with the local indigenous community and champion other local growers of pulses and grains. With their warehouse operations headquartered in Sunshine, Rich and the family are to be found at farmers’ markets most weekends across town.

Marianne and Andrew – Kinglake Blueberries Spotswood

Farming berries in Pheasant Creek in the Kinglake district they are a local family with four children. Growing to organic principles on an historic farm they have made a commitment to regenerative agriculture and preservation of local bushland.

Jacob – Metal Recycling Spotswood

Part of the Kinglake Blueberries family Jacob is a fan of David Attenborough and aims to emulate his love for the planet. Doing his bit by recycling scrap metal and helping on the family farm you will find him at market with the scrap metal trailer. You can do your bit by bringing along drink cans, food tins and bottle tops. If you have larger articles ask him about a home pick up.

Jon Farce – Charcuterie Sunshine North

Jon Bussell, trained chef, hails from Northern Ireland but spent many years in the Channel Islands where he learned to love French cuisine and especially charcuterie. Now calling Melbourne home he has established his renowned business locally in Sunshine North.

Jason and Bonnie – Melbourne Micro Veg Williamstown

Melbourne Micro Veg sell micro-greens live to reduce waste and remove the need for single-use-plastic. Their grow process uses certified organic hemp as a medium which eliminates the need for plastic pots and soil. Nutritionist Bonnie and Physiotherapist Jason are to be found at their stall every market and are passionate about helping people enjoy a healthy lifestyle.

Rita, Marcello, Pep and Connie – Farandas Farm Werribee South

The Faranda farm is truly a family business and on any given weekend one or more of the family from Werribee South will be selling their farm fresh vegetables. With their Italian heritage they feature many specialty varieties popular in Italian cuisine like fennel and artichokes. Rest assured you are buying from the hard working farmers who grew your food.

Note: Some photos were taken either at the stall holders home or prior to restrictions requiring masks to be worn as mandatory.


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