Stefin was born in Sweden, and moved to Australia in 2001 as a student. This was closely followed by the classic “tale as old as time” – he fell in love with the country and his (now) wife! They then moved to Seddon 8 years ago and fell in love with the community.

“It’s just so great for the kids and is very family orientated, close to the city, we love it here in the west.”

Being from a land of ice and snow, Stefin is a lover of Ice Hockey, and was thrilled to get a job working for the O’Brien Group Ice House at Docklands – ice was something he knew plenty about so it was a perfect fit.

“But then due to the Corona virus I was stood down, but luckily I managed to secure a job at The Happy Apple and have been working here since March. It’s a great team, very welcoming and such a community-based place to work and shop.”

So what connects Stefin to the west now?

“Oh it’s everything – our neighbours, the school, the people, and everything about the area is so family friendly.”

The past eight years have been long enough for Stefin to witness some of the changes across the inner-west region.

“There are suddenly so many more cafes and restaurants, I know many are closed now but its what I love about the area, it gives it such a great vibe.”

For small joys each day Stefin loves hanging out with his two children Abbie and Oliver – who are aged 5 and 7 – and his wife Rebecca.

“We entertain and support each other. I love music and am a DJ part time. That’s been fun and we all get involved in my side gig!”

For favourite hangouts – when possible – for Stefin it’s Alfa in Victoria Street and Navi in Gamon street.

“There are so many to choose from but these are my all time favourites!”

And Stefin’s hopes for the future here?

“I want to keep working for The Happy Apple, its just such a great crew of people to work with and we are now friends! Everyone puts the customer first and ensures that we have a range of products instore that the community are searching for. Besides that just being here and enjoying the inner-west community, we love it here.” 


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