Megan Hunter is a visual and sound artist at Footscray Community Arts Centre’s (FCAC) ArtLife residency program. Her work explores her connection to local wildlife and the climate crisis, often referencing the sea, waterways and their creatures with bold lines and vibrant colour. She has toured China and Hong Kong with the Jolt Arts ensemble, The Amplified Elephants, and been involved in several other public art projects and exhibitions at FCAC including her installation for Sometimes I Just Miss Hearing Their Voice, which was exhibited as part of Due West Arts Festival in 2019.

The ArtLife program runs workshops for artists with a disability to work alongside professional facilitating artists. Participating artists are at the core of decision-making across a diverse range of workshops encompassing digital arts, visual arts, dance, animation and stage craft, and can access ArtLife using NDIS packages. The workshops are usually onsite at FCAC, however due to the current COVID-19 gathering restrictions, a range of digital services are being offered.

When asked about her connection with FCAC Elder-in-Residence, Taungurung elder Uncle Larry Walsh, Megan said:

“He is really nice and I like talking with him. I like to ask him about Australian animals, he knows all the stories about them.”

Megan has lived in the west all 38 years of her life, and loves being so close to Altona beach as she loves sea creatures and Footscray where she goes to FCAC to make art and be creative.

“I have always enjoyed going for walks around the local area. Now I like taking my nephew on walks and visiting the train station, the police station, and the beach.”

As you might imagine, much has changed in 38 years.

“Our local park has changed since I was a kid. I have fond memories of playing on the swings there but now there is new and different types of
play equipment. ”

As for her personal interests, Megan likes drawing, hanging with her nephew, taking her dogs for walks and giving them lots of love and pats. She has her favourite hangouts too.

“When I go to ArtLife at FCAC I like going to Harry and Larry’s, I always get coffee and some treats. I also enjoy going to Kooringal Golf Club for dinner with the family and Nanna.”

And Megan’s hopes for the future?

“I hope restrictions will be over soon so I can attend ArtLife and create art with my friends again.”

For more information about ArtLife visit: https://footscrayarts.com/artlife and about Megan: https://footscrayarts.com/profile/megan-hunter.




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