I’m writing to object to the police state measures we have been subjected to by this illegal state of disaster for the virus hoax. I was driving to Geelong for a mask burning ceremony and the police told me to turn around and go home! This is a blatant repression of my constitutional rights! I reckon the first amendment got broken, probably the second too in there somewhere. I shouldn’t be subject to this!

    Darren, Werribee (via Facebook Messenger)

    Darren, why do you need to drive all the way to Geelong to burn a mask? Plenty of people doing that here my friend, in fact I think Bunnings have a special on at the moment for mask burning fire-pits. And I hate to tell you this but you’re about 12,747 kms off course there with your constitutional beliefs – that’s America, a place where you can go all ‘sovereign citizen’ on everyone’s ass to your heart’s content, you’d love it, it’s all about ‘rights’ and no responsibility! And in the good ol’ States, even with a pretty bad pandemic happening all over, you can still go anywhere you want, they even let Donald Trump go to the White House!

    Pete help, these mask laws are illegal! You need to get the word out there. I do not consent to wearing one anywhere I go, it’s my right as a living person!

    Elizabeth, East Keilor (via Psychic mind message)

    I didn’t know the Kellogg’s Institute were handing out law degrees these days Elizabeth! But thank goodness you’re a living person, it’s bad enough facing the current viral onslaught, imagine if we were being attacked by zombies as well! Hang on, didn’t I see you last time I was at Bunnings, running away from me as I proudly brandished my new 5G antenna mast? Then I saw you again on Facebook, mumble mumble psychic oracle, mumble mumble Illuminating Army, mumble mumble human rights? Look I don’t want to judge you, it’s not like I haven’t seen the type of behaviour you’re displaying many times before, the only difference was the other people were only 2 years old! Illuminating Army? Pfft, quick, call the Guinness Book of Records – world’s smallest army is on the march!

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