By Elise West

    Have you heard of Komp’s Health and Sport Studio? It was at 630 Barkly Street, West Footscray. That was my club – the first private health club in Australia.

    I came to Australia from Germany when I was 25. It was not long after the war – a difficult time. “The only good German is a dead German,” people would say. I came because I had been invited to teach martial arts – Judo, Ju-Jitsu – so at least I knew how to defend myself!

    I was only a 1 Dan in Judo then. By the time I retired, I was 10 Dan, the highest rank. I taught a lot of kids martial arts, wrestling, self-defense. The key to being a martial arts champion is the ability to focus your mind – that’s the only thing you can think about.

    I had a group when I first came to Australia, we called ourselves the Three Continentals and we performed on Channel Nine and Channel Seven, Channel Two. We sang German drinking songs  – you know how interested Australians are in beer. I loved to sing, “You can’t be true, dear… Du Kannst Nicht Treu Sein”. Do you know that one?

    Yes, I know Arnold Schwarzenegger pretty well. He came to visit me at my club. I wanted to wrestle, but he couldn’t – his muscles are insured for millions and he didn’t want to get hurt!

    Matthew Komp is a resident of Doutta Galla Aged Services, Yarraville

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    1. Hi ,Mr.Mathew Komp ,
      My name is Frank (edited). maybe you don’t know me anymore ,but this not the reason why I’m writing a letter .
      Before I forgot I am the son from Peter (edited) your best friend from Bonn Germany ,you know ??? I just want to tell you that my father is already death last December 15,2014 im trying to get a contact with you but is not possible maybe this time .for your last letter you told us ,you have a new home or new address is that right ??Maybe you have time for me and for my mother please contact us as long as possible.What about you maybe you are in a gut health? Im found old address from you ,(edited) is that right ? Maybe you have a new address please I want to have it it’s possible or not I just want to have a contact to you especially my mother

      • Hello Frank.
        My name is Jordan and i am one of Mr Matt Komps Students for 48 years.
        I have accidentally found your letter.
        Mr Komp is in a nursing home here in Melbourne. Has been there for approx. 2years since he went totally blind. unfortunately his health is not the best and tends to forget a lot of things, He is 87 years old and his memory is fading away.
        If you wish to find out more please send me an email

        • Hi Jordan I was an old student of me comp
          I am chasing some old materials if possible can you shoot me an email so we can talk cheers

          • Hi Al
            You can look up at SHINDOKAN JIU JITSU AUSTRALIA you will find my phone number. We can have a chat if you like.

      • Hello Frank
        Hope all is well.
        Just wanted to let you know of the sad news that in July 2017 Mr Matthew Komp past away. He was cremated.
        If you require anything else please let me know, I will be glad to help.

        Best wishes
        Shihan Jordan

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