Everyone has a story

I hope you’re enjoying ‘festival season’ and have been able to attend the Yarraville Festival, Seddon Festival, Saint Jerome’s, or the East meets West Lunar festival.

Thanks also for picking up the March edition of the Westsider, and to those of you who’ve been here before, thanks too for all the great feedback and helpful suggestions we’ve received over the last month.

Although it is only three editions old, I think this paper is proving to be interesting, informative, colourful and diverse – in short, its going places!

This month we feature a conversation with a popular son of the Western Bulldogs, recently retired player and now coach, Daniel Giansiracusa. We cover several important issues that matter to Westsiders, and our suburbs once again open up to reveal more food, art and local activities.

We’ve also started a new monthly series called “Westsider Profiles” – short snippets about the interesting people living among us.

Perhaps though it’s already time to pause, and look to what lies ahead. Although more than 50% of our content so far has been contributed by you, the reader, I’d like to see still more. I want to hear about your journeys, your families, your history, your community, your suburb – the things that you like to talk about, read about and dream about.

Perhaps you think you have nothing to say? Everyone has a story, and I want to hear from you.

Feel free to send your ideas or pieces to editor@thewestsider.com.au, our deadline for the April edition will be Monday the 16th March.

Derek Green
Managing Editor, The Westsider




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