Diabetes and your feet

    Having diabetes may increase your risk of developing diabetes related complications in the feet which can include nerve damage or poor circulation. Feet are often the first place to show diabetic-related symptoms and this is why it’s so important to pay attention to any changes in your feet if you have diabetes. Make sure you see your podiatrist who can assess your feet for any changes to your blood flow or feeling in your feet. And, of course if you notice any concerns or problems always seek immediate care.

    Penny Cullen – Podiatrist

    Herb lowers glucose

    Gymnema sylvestre is a traditional herbal medicine and known for its blood glucose lowering potential.  Applied to the tongue remarkably removes sweet tastes altogether.  Scientific confirmation of its use in human diabetics came about 100 years ago when its leaves were found to reduced urine glucose in diabetics.  Additional herbs supporting insulin response include Cocoa, which enhances glucose uptake and mood balance, and cinnamon seen to reduce post-meal blood sugar levels.  For metabolic syndrome, carbohydrate-restricted ketogenic diet has the most supportive evidence for people with insulin resistance.

    Christine Carley – Naturopath

    Acupuncture and Diabetes

    Diabetes is a condition that needs to be medically managed with dietary measures, exercise and medication. Remarkably, recent clinic trials suggest that acupuncture may potentially be a useful part of that management plan. Studies have shown that acupuncture reduces blood glucose levels and improves insulin sensitivity when combined with diabetic medications. They also found body weight and BMI decreased with acupuncture treatments. Acupuncture might therefore be something worth considering as part of your diabetes management strategy.

    Clare Faux – TCM Dr.

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