Note: Submission deadline has been extended to midnight, Sunday October 25th 2015

The Westsider is excited to announce the first ‘Westies’ – the 2015 Citizen Journalism Media Awards!

Thanks to Seddon Community Bank and Transurban, the Westsider is giving the inner-west community the opportunity to be published across a variety of mediums!

“The Westies” give you an opportunity to practice your particular skills – whether it be words, art or photography – but to also tell a story through your chosen medium. The best and most interesting entries will then be profiled in our physical and online local publications.

So if you’ve always fancied your ability to write, muse, draw, paint, or photograph, get on to it now and enter!

Your questions answered

What are the Westsies?

‘The Westies’ are media and journalism awards for amateurs, and will showcase inner-west talent via 10 categories of media.

What are the 10 categories?

  • Best ‘Flash’ piece (30 words precisely, creative)
  • Best 750 word piece (any topic, creative or not)
  • Best Feature (Editor’s choice/Sponsors Grand prize) 1500 words (any topic, creative or not)
  • Best Westsider profile (any length)
  • Best Junior piece (16 and under – any length, creative or not)
  • Best cartoon/comic/sketch (hand drawn or digital)
  • Best 250-350 word piece (any topic, creative or not)
  • Best street art (credit goes to photographer and artist)
  • Best social media comment or post (screen snap it – a quip by you or someone you know!)
  • Best portrait photo (a person or persons in any setting)

Who can enter?

‘The Westies’ are open to anyone in the inner-west community to enter – feel free to nominate someone else!

What can I win?

Winners will see their work published in The Westsider newspaper and/or on our website and social media feeds.

How do I enter?

Just email your entry to editor@thewestsider.com.au, or submit via our Facebook page.

What’s the deadline for entries?

Final deadline for submissions is midnight, Sunday the 11th October, 2015.

Is there anyone who cannot enter?

We will not be able to accept entries from people outside the inner-west (determined by The Westsider’s drop area), or any of our internal not-for-profit employees, volunteers, partner or sponsor employees, or media professionals currently working in a paid position in the media, mainstream or otherwise.

Stayed tuned to our Facebook feed for more information!




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