By Mark Brophy

Hi Kids. I’m a Warm Furry Feeling!

Don’t get me muddled up with my BFF, the Warm ‘Fuzzy’ Feeling. She’s the one that makes grown-ups have babies.

Grown-ups can ‘get me’ in lots of different ways.

They can buy me. Like when they give some coins to poor people in the street.

Sometimes I’m pricey. Like when somebody sponsors a hungry child in Africa.

You can even own me. Like buying a dog. You get to ‘own’ another animal!

They operate on them in pet hospitals. They take away the bits that make Warm Fuzzy Feeling work, so they can’t have babies.

Sometimes they cut their tails off too. Ouch! Because it looks pretty to the grown-ups.

They put a collar on it, put a lead on it and muzzles and things. Then they teach it to beg and keep it in a little yard.

They make it do ridiculous tricks and dress them up in silly clothes.

But don’t worry kids, even though these things sound very cruel, people still love their dogs very much.

You can tell by the bumper sticker and T-shirt.  I <3 Dogs!

Aren’t grown-ups odd?

You can also sell me. Like when someone will double a donation on a telethon if their name gets called out.

Sometimes you can get me for free. Like when a grown-up says, ‘I’m not sexist and racist, but…’

You can sometimes just invent and make me up to share with your family. Like when no one wants to look after Grandma and they put her in an Old Persons’ Home.

Many can get me at the same time. Like making people who don’t have a job paint rocks. Yes, that feels lots better!

So, you see girls and boys. I’m very useful.

Because without me don’t you think grown-ups would look bit silly?



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