Sleepless Festival 2024:A celebration of art and community


    By Lady Mohawk (AKA Sally Walshe)

    The Sleepless Festival is set to transform Footscray into a vibrant canvas of public art and creativity from May 3rd to 19th. This spellbinding event reimagines Footscray’s CBD by revitalising dormant spaces into hubs of cultural expression, showcasing a diverse line-up of performances, installations, and immersive experiences.

    Melbourne Nocturnal Film Festival (MNFF)

    Celebrate offbeat short films by Australian filmmakers at Bluestone Church Arts Space from May 3rd to 5th. This festival promises weird and wonderful storytelling through captivating visuals.

    Raga Saga

    Experience a fusion of Indian Classical music and Jazz at Footscray Baptist Church on May 4th, featuring virtuoso bansuri and soulful saxophone melodies against a rhythmic backdrop.

    South By South East Asia (SXSEA)

    Join the celebration of multiculturalism through music with The Clever References and Yeo on May 18th at Shop 25 Metro West. SXSEA embodies a spirit of inclusivity and creativity. Pranati Narayan Visweswaran, Founder of SXSEA, highlights the festival’s significance: “As POCs, we are no strangers to the barriers of entering the alternative music scene. SXSEA was born to create a safe way for POC to participate in the arts, the way they want to.”

    Clan Analogue at Coco Bananas

    Immerse yourself in experimental sonics and ambient tones at Coco Bananas on May 18th, presented by the legendary electronic music collective, Clan Analogue.

    Null Sum

    Blake Dearman’s multi-channel video installation at Metro West explores the debate around Artificial Intelligence using a blend of handmade and AI-generated imagery.

    Everyday Alchemy

    Natalie Blom’s experimental analogue photography project invites viewers to experience Footscray through unique images soaked in Phở broth and Maribyrnong water. Naatlie says “I want to exhaust this process, to push the materials and systems I am using to their limits in order to find all meaning.”

    Scent Pod by Smell Art

    Erin Adams’ olfactory installation celebrates the essence of Footscray with handmade origami seed pods releasing bursts of lemon-scented eucalyptus fragrance. Erin Adams shares her inspiration behind Scent Pod: “My aim with Scent Pod is to encapsulate the spirit of Footscray. It’s a celebration of community, creativity, and the sensory richness of our surroundings.”

    Embrace the magic of Footscray

    Sleepless Festival is more than an event; it’s a tribute to Footscray’s diversity and creativity. Supported by Maribyrnong City Council, this festival invites people of all ages and backgrounds to explore, engage, and connect with the vibrant energy of Footscray.

    Come, immerse yourself in this unforgettable experience where art knows no bounds and community thrives. Join us at Sleepless Festival 2024 and discover why Footscray comes alive with creativity, culture, and endless possibilities. 

    For more information and to explore the full festival line-up, visit 

    Experience the magic of Sleepless and celebrate the heart of Footscray through art and community.

    Instagram: @lady.mohawk

    Image: Scent Pod by Smell Art

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