With reduced demand for their core products during the pandemic, Bio Ingredients invested in a new product line for bike care under the name GreenRide.

Bio Ingredients is Yarraville based business, with owner, Paul Deveraux, born and bred in the inner west. Their environmentally friendly brick-making additives had restricted demand during the COVID lockdown. Together with office manager and Kingsville local, Nicole Sherriff, the idea of a bike care product range made from Australian sourced, environmentally friendly ingredients was born.

Paul discovered that most similar products were imported, carrying a high carbon miles footprint. In addition, many were petroleum-based products and some actually used bio-diesel by-products that were sourced from ecologically damaging palm oil manufacture.

GreenRide are proud to be offering a low carbon, locally manufactured and locally developed product. They also aim to support the cycling community in the inner-west with members offers through the Bicycling Network, ride event support and rider sponsorship.

The GreenRide product range helps maintain your bike, with an emphasis on caring for the environment as well as your bike.

The GreenRide degreaser is a by-product of an environmentally friendly plant bio additive. The GreenRide lubricant is derived from Western Victoria grown canola oil. Both products are biodegradable and made from 100% Australian-sourced ingredients.

All the packaging and labels are locally manufactured from recycled plastics. The GreenRide bike care kit is designed to minimise the use of packaging and contains a lubricant, degreaser, sponge, brushes and microfibre cloth.

If you are lucky enough to live in the inner-west, drop into the Yarraville office and refill your products to save packaging.

Find GreenRide at greenride.com.au and
GreenRide on Facebook and Instagram.


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