Australia faces critical staff shortages over the next few years, with thousands more care workers needed. According to Australian Government’s Job Outlook, Health Care and Social Assistance jobs have remained secure during the pandemic and it is expected that these industries will grow rapidly after the pandemic eases. It is estimated that there will be a shortfall of between 130,000 to 150,000 of critical care staff in the aged care, home and community care, disability and veteran’s support sectors.

    Workers will be needed in the Healthcare and Social Assistance industry to support the National Disability Insurance Scheme (NDIS), investments in hospitals, and the growing demand for aged care, childcare, and home-care based services. (Source: Job Outlook). Education will also remain very important with the number of school-aged children in Australia growing rapidly. Therefore Education Support Workers and Teachers’ Aides will be in high demand.

    “One thing we hope comes out of this pandemic is a re-evaluation of roles in our society. The world has collectively realised the true meaning of “essential” when it comes to essential workers. There is renewed respect for educators, carers and support workers, which is well deserved,” says Melissa Giffard, Education Manager, Yarraville Community Centre (YCC).

    In order to remain relevant in a post-pandemic reality, experts foresee that people will need to commit to life-long learning. There will be an influx of people expanding their qualifications in order to stay competitive in the job market, or to transition to a new, more stable industry. “The Yarraville Community Centre is proud to be offering funded accredited courses and pathway courses that are directly linked to, associated with, or in support of the occupations that are in high demand right now and into the future,” says Melissa.

    Studying now within the care and support sector will lead you to jobs in industries that have bright futures. The Yarraville Community Centre offers accredited and pre-accredited courses linked with the occupations below.

    To find out more about YCC’s accredited and pathway courses visit:

    Photos: Disability care worker (EmployEase), Aged Care (CareAbout)

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